A new season of Enlightener Awards announced

The call for applications for the Dmitry Zimin Enlightener Awards (Prosvetitel and Prosvetitel.Perevod in Russian) has been announced: from May 30 until July 1 publishers and authors from around the world can submit books published in Russian to participate in the competition. The winners will be announced on December 22, the day Dmitry Zimin, the founder of the prizes, died.

Since its beginning in 2016 the Enlightener prize with the support of the Zimin Foundation has been awarded for the best non-fiction books in Russian, and the Prosvetitel.Perevod Prize - for the best non-fiction books translated into Russian. Literature can be nominated for the Award regardless of the country of its author or publication: this year the Organizing Committee is waiting for applications from Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, America, Germany and other countries where books in Russian are published. The circulation and mode of publication do not matter - even works published only in e-format can be nominated for the Award. To apply for it you must fill out a form on the website of the Award until July 1. The Enlightener's commitment to humanistic ideals has remained unchanged since its founding, including the notion of human life being the highest value, which is especially important after February 24. It is now impossible to talk about enlightenment without an ethical and political context, so this year's jury will present a special Award, the PolitProsvet Award, for a series of articles or a book that focuses on the current social and political processes and helps to understand their nature.

The Award Ceremony will take place on December 22, the day Dmitriy Zimin, founder of the Enlightener Awards, died. The tragedy in Ukraine precludes the celebration, but it does not cancel the importance of the work of scientists and science popularizers around the world - to support them and to thank them, the winners and finalists will be gathered for a teleconference from different cities around the world.

The long lists of the Awards will be published on the website http://www.premiaprosvetitel.ru/ by August 1, the finalists will be published by October 15. The composition of the Dmitriy Zimin Awards Jury will be announced additionally.


June 13, 2022

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