Zimin Foundation starts new rehabilitation program in Cyprus

Child Rehabilitation Support Program is to help special needs children across Cyprus

The Zimin Foundation is starting a program tailored to support children with special needs. The program will operate across Cyprus through specialised centres that are already actively working in Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol, and Paphos, ensuring comprehensive coverage throughout the country.

The services provided under this program are diverse, including:

●   Physiotherapy: Targeted interventions to enhance physical mobility and strength
●   Occupational Therapy: Focused on improving daily living and functional skills
●   Speech Therapy and Special Education: Catering to communication and educational needs

The following centers are taking part in the program in 2024:

Ergodrasi Therapeutic Center G. Stokkou 12, Akropoli, Strovolos

BCI Specialized Centre for ABA Konstantinoupoleos 143C, Nicosia 2037

Clepsydra Therapeutic Center, Andreas Miaouli 4, Aradippou

Building Blocks Pediatric Therapy Center Timokreon 4, Limassol

Berta Center Ayias Fylaxeos 117,  Limassol

The Zimin Foundation has established specific eligibility criteria for families seeking rehabilitation services for their children in Cyprus. These criteria are designed to consider the financial circumstances of the families applying for assistance and ensure that assistance is directed to those who need it most, particularly the families underserved by state support. Here are some of the eligibility criteria: families must be residents of Cyprus to qualify for assistance, ensuring that the support is localized and relevant; priority is given to families who receive insufficient state support, with the aim of supplementing these resources to provide comprehensive care; financial eligibility is determined based on gross family income and the number of dependent children, ensuring support is scaled to family size and financial need.

This collaboration between the Foundation and families represents a commitment to providing accessible, quality rehabilitation services, aiming to bridge the gap where state support may be insufficient. The Zimin Foundation implements a comprehensive evaluation process to ensure alignment with the highest standards of care, as well as provision of fair and impactful assistance to families in need.

Application submission period: May 15th - June 15th, here is the link to fiil the form

Here you can find guide for families in greеk

More information about the program

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May 15, 2024

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