Ukrainian Libraries to Receive New Books

Zimin Foundation is going to keep supporting the restoration of libraries in Ukraine

Ukrainian Library Renaissance, the project initiated by volunteer librarians and supported by the Zimin Foundation, continues its efforts to restore libraries in Ukraine.

In the difficult circumstances of Russian aggression, village and small town libraries in the east of Ukraine remain one of the last places of power for the locals who have not evacuated. In just a few months of work, the project has delivered new books to the libraries of Mykolaiv Region (two village libraries in Pervomaisky, three village libraries in Shevchenkovsky, one city and six village libraries in Snihurivka), Dnipropetrovsk Region (one city library and one children’s library in the city of Nikopol, the city library of Zelenodolsk), and Sumy Region (the city library of Sumy). The project has also acquired and is about to deliver laptops to service readers and keep track of library stock.

In the regions that lie close to the battle zone, libraries might be the only link the locals have left with the world that supports them. It’s deeply saddening that the Kherson Regional Scientific Library of Oles Honchar, which became the first beneficiary of the Ukrainian Library Renaissance project in July 2023, has come under attack. The library building has been hit by the artillery, which caused a fire and severely damaged windows, the roof, and structural floors. This is the third library shelling during the war.

Nevertheless, the Zimin Foundation is going to keep supporting the restoration of libraries in Ukraine. The pilot project includes thirty objects. The list of books to be supplied includes books in Ukrainian language, published by local enterprises despite the war. This way, we can also support the local book publishing industry.


November 28, 2023

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