TAU projects win the Zimin Institute’s grants

The Zimin Institute for Engineering Solutions Advancing Better Lives at Tel Aviv University announced the winners of its 2022 research grants. The four winning TAU projects presented solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges in the areas of medical applications.

The winners were: Prof. Alexander Goldberg for developing electrical technology for molecule manipulations; Prof. Roded Sharan, Prof. Uri Ashery and Dr. Ben Maoz for inventing a multidisciplinary approach for unraveling molecular dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease; Prof. Israel Gannot and Prof. Yuval Nir for their advancement of cutting-edge vision diagnostics; and Dr. Dekel Rosenfeld, for her work on a magnetic control system for hormone release in bioelectronic implants.

“Dr. Zimin wanted to revolutionize the way we do research; he taught us to do things in a better way, targeting science as a means of contributing to a better world,” said Prof. David Mendlovic, Head of the Zimin Institute, at the award ceremony. “The Institute is upholding Zimin’s vision of promoting education and supporting scientific discoveries; since its launch it has awarded grants to some of the most cutting-edge research to come out of TAU.”

The Zimin Institute at TAU was founded by late TAU Honorary Doctor Dmitry B. Zimin, well-known for his academic, business and philanthropic achievements. The Institute supports scientific discoveries with real-world impact in medicine, digital health technologies, brain studies, healthy aging and the related fields. Each year, it awards $100,000 grants to up to six promising initiatives by TAU researchers to “provide the necessary bridge to the practical domain and ensure the contribution of the best scientific project to the improvement of our world.”

The Zimin Institute at TAU is a member of the Zimin Institutes initiative, which also includes the Zimin Institute at Arizona State University and the Technion Zimin Institute. “The Institutes became one of the most important vectors of activities for the Zimin Foundation. We closely follow the TAU research projects and plan to continue our close collaboration,” said Dr. Mark Shmulevich, Head of Zimin Institutes initiative.  

Also present at the ceremony were Boris Zimin, Dmitry Zimin’s son and head of the Zimin Foundation; Prof. Mark Shtaif, TAU Rector; Prof. Noam Eliaz, Dean of TAU’s Fleischman Faculty of Engineering; and TAU professors, friends and colleagues.

Original story: From Theory to Reality: Accelerating Applications of Breakthrough Ideas


July 22, 2022

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