Statement on the Unprecedented Attacks in Israel

The Zimin Foundation unequivocally condemns the brutal attacks on Israel, which have resulted in the tragic loss of innocent lives. This is an assault on a nation and an act of terrorism, that can never be justified.

We stand resolutely with the State of Israel, its citizens, and the entire Jewish community worldwide. 

The Zimin Foundation believes that in an era when clarity and decisive action are paramount, the need for unwavering support for Israel is non-negotiable. 

The gravity of attacks on Israel requires an unequivocal response from the international community. We call on political leaders, organizations, and individuals to join us in condemning this violence and advocating for an immediate end to the hostilities.

The Zimin Foundation is committed to doing everything possible to help Israel during this trying time. We will also continue supporting Israeli non-profit initiatives fostering civil society, education and science. 

We offer our deepest condolences to the families of the fallen military and civilians.


October 9, 2023

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