Scholarship for Ukranian students

Scholarship sponsored by Zimin Foundation и Boris Nemtzov Foundation is aimed to Ukranian students at the Prague University of Economics — one of the leading international economic universities.

Young people from Ukraine with a diploma of secondary education can become applicants. Four candidates whose applications are approved will be able to receive a scholarship for two years.

The program starts on September 5, 2022 in Prague. The online application deadline has been extended to July 15, 2022.

Applicants who successfully passed the competition will be able to attend preparatory courses in the first academic year, and, subject to their successful completion and enrollment in the chosen faculty of the university, continue to receive a scholarship over the next year.

More information about conditions here. Apply here.

If you have questions, please write In the subject line of the letter always indicate «Boris Nemtsov Foundation and the Zimin Foundation Scholarship».


June 1, 2022

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