Projects that Zimin Foundation supports in 2023

These are initiatives in the field of science, education and free access to information, assistance to Ukrainian refugees (including scientists, and students)

Zimin Foundation decided on the projects it will support in 2023. These are initiatives in the field of science, education and free access to information, assistance to  Ukrainian refugees (including scientists, and students). The war has been going on for a year, and the longer it goes on, the more they need help.

Here are the projects we find important:

Zimin Institutes. This initiative designed to identify, and support applied research projects that are likely to translate into real-world technologies that improve lives. Every year, each Zimin Institute supports several research projects that combine academic excellence with high potential for positive, real-world impact. Each institute specializes in a different area.

School of Molecular and Theoretical Biology. The school is based on a belief that many students of high school age are ready to participate, intellectually and through work in the laboratory, in real scientific experiments.

The Enlightener Prize (Prosvetitel Prize in Rissian). The Prize was established in 2008 by Dr Dmitry Zimin and is awarded annually to the best non-fiction, popular science book written in Russian language. The purpose of the Prize is to motivate Russian-speaking scientists and science journalists writing about the newest discoveries and research.

The Center for Development and Assistance in Wroclaw. The Center for Ukrainian refugees  in Wroclaw, Poland, is organized by the Polish Union Foundation. More than 200 kids study following the program of the National Ukrainian School Curriculum in the Ukrainian language.

Redkollegia award. The Redkollegia award is an independent award established to support free professional journalism in Russia. The award is given monthly to several authors who have published interesting and high-quality texts.

Scholarships for both Ukrainian and Russian students and scholars. Most of them – in cooperation with Boris Nemtsov Foundation in these universities: Bohum University (Germany), Charles University, Prague University, Prague Academy of Arts (all in Czech Republic). 8 Russian students are at Hunter College (NY, USA). 20 Ukrainian students study at the Le Sallay Academy in the 2022/23 academic year.

Continuous support of organizations that provide the free access to information and archives: Memorial, Sakharov Centre, Boris Nemtsov Foundation, Dissernet, Free University, ReRussia. Also in the list "The First Department" - an open community of lawyers and human rights activists and human rights group "Citizen. Army. Law".


February 22, 2023

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