New Season of Fedor Stepun Fellowship Program starts

Fedor Stepun Fellowship Program in Ruhr University supports Russian and Ukrainian scientists at risk

The Zimin Foundation continue the program started in 2022 and to provide financial resources to Ruhr University to fund the Fedor Stepun Fellowship Program that will support Russian and Ukrainian scientists at risk.

The program will provide 8 postdoctoral (PhD) fellowships for academics and researchers that work in different fields of scientific studies who were forced to leave their countries (due to political persecution in Russia or the Russian invasion of Ukraine, among other reasons). The duration of each individual fellowship is 6 months. During this period, fellows are required to develop ideas and prepare grant proposals for research projects to be submitted to the leading scientific institutions in Germany or/and other European countries. 

Fellows will be selected by the professional jury that includes the Scientific Advisory Board of the program, the Institute for Slavic Studies of Ruhr University, Osteuropa-Kolleg NRW, and the representative of the Funding Institution. 

This will enable them to integrate into the European academic environment and work on longer-term projects. Fellows will stay on campuses of the Universities of the University Allience Ruhr. Universities will issue invitations to apply for visas and provide mentoring and administrative assistance to ensure that grant proposals meet the Foundations’ criteria.

All information about the program you can get here


April 11, 2024

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