More than 5000 books for Ukrainian refugee children

From August 2022 till February 2023 Zimin Foundation supported #Books_follow project - after the war started an online community of professional librarians united to help Ukrainian refugee children to get books in the EU. After joining ZF the project was able to increase the number of books, and deliveries, and expand their operation beyond the EU. During the cooperation more than 5000 books were delivered.

The need for books in Ukrainian among refugees has turned out to be so big that #Books_follow was forced to expand the sphere of its operation to 54 cities, in 17 countries.

During Christmas 2022 the project gifted 1085 Christmas gift packages to Ukrainian refugees in 11 different countries. These gift packages included handwriting books and reading books.

#Books_follow project works on, you can follow it by #книжки_вслiд hashtag in social media


February 27, 2023

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