In Prague opened an exhibition about the help to Ukraine

How the foundation helps refugees from Ukraine and Russians who suffered for their anti-war and anti-state position

On February 24, 2022, this destructive war began - Russia attacked Ukraine. During this year, thousands of people died, Ukrainian cities were destroyed, millions left their homes and fled. The Zimin Foundation is categorically against the war, and immediately after it began, the foundation began to help refugees from Ukraine and Russians who suffered for their anti-war and anti-state position.

Together with the Boris Nemtsov Foundation Zimin Foundation opened scholarships for Ukrainian students in Prague. It is presented at the exhibition about the help of Russians to Ukraine, which opened in the center of Prague, on Republic Square. The exhibition will run until March 5th.

Projects featured in the exposition in Czech and English:

Do práce - volunteer project to help Ukrainians find work

Úkryt - Pavel Oskin's project providing housing for women with children

Rubikus - international evacuation project

Warmth for Ukraine - an international project to raise funds to send generators, stoves, sleeping bags and everything that helps to escape the cold after Russia destroyed the energy system of Ukraine to Ukraine.

Russians for Ukraine - Polish refugee evacuation project.

Boris Nemtsov Foundation and Zimin Foundation - opening of scholarships and support for Ukrainian students in Prague

Za vaši a naší svobodu - support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Purchase and shipment of drones, cars, generators to Ukraine.

Школа культурної молоді (Сultural youth school) - Czech language courses for children and adults. Adaptation of adolescents to study in Czech schools

Two stands are dedicated to promotions. One is anti-war protests in Russia. And the last - the actions of Russians in Prague and the activities of the Prague Anti-War Committee.


February 24, 2023

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