The Memory Day of Dr. Dmitry Zimin

We honor the Zimin Foundation's founder, reflecting his passion for science, education, and innovation

Today is the second anniversary of the death of Dr. Dmitry Zimin, the founder of the Beeline company, the Dynasty Foundation, the Zimin Foundation. In its work, the Zimin Foundation continues to be guided by the values ​​of education shared by Dmitry Zimin. 

Writer and publicist Alexander Arkhangelsky wrote about him subtly and lovingly: “If Dmitry Borisovich Zimin could be summed up in a single word, that word would be happy. Used as a noun rather than an adjective, an artistic licence for just this once. Surely, he suffered immensely at the thought of his country, having realised well in advance where it was headed and being only too aware of the futility of most efforts to fix Russian life. And still, he was happy. Because he did only the inspiring things, and his main inspiration was organising chaos, be it the chaos of mass inanity to be overcome by science, the chaos of mean political instincts to be overcome by institutions, or the chaos of divisions in time and space mastered by mobile communications. Some of his dreams stayed in the realm of phantasies, but some matters really became more organised — at every step of his way, at every turn of his fate”. Full text is here.

Biography of Dmitry Borisovich Zimin here


December 22, 2023

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