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The Zimin Foundation has supported a variety of science centres, programmes and research projects since its founding.

  • In 2020 ZF supports the Polity Press project “New Russian Thought” by translating high-quality books in the social sciences and humanities and serious non-fiction from Russian into English (UK).
  • For a number of years beginning in 2017, the Foundation supported the Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • In 2017 ZF supported Arnold-Regge Center for Algebra, Geometry and Theoretical Physics (Torino, Italy).
  • In 2016 ZF established the Zimin Advanced Materials Laboratory in Ariel University (Israel).
  • In 2016 the Foundation supported Tactile Navigation Tools project (USA) which engineers assistive technology for people who are blind.
  • In 2014 ZF sponsored research of memory dysfunction and brain circuits that underlie memory in New York University Langone and Memory & Neuromodulation Lab (USA).
  • In 2014 the Foundation supported a research project at Mount Sinai Medical Center (USA) concerning the treatment of and education on vascular malformations of the brain, CNS, and the head and neck, especially in paediatric patients.
  • In 2014 the Foundation sponsored research, conducted at the NYU Langone Medical Center (New York, USA), into paediatric brain injury. This research holds the promise of a better understanding of the events that control brain injury in newborns and improved outcomes for children born with these injuries.

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