Dynasty Foundation

The Dynasty Foundation was the idea of Dr Dmitry Zimin and started its activities in 2002. The Dynasty Foundation sought talented scientists, scholars and educators. It supported their ideas and projects in the natural and social sciences.

The Foundation’s priorities were the development of fundamental scientific research and education in Russia, the creation of conditions so that scientists could research and teach at home in Russia and the popularization of science and civic education.

The Dynasty Foundation was the first private non-profit foundation supporting science and education in modern Russia. It was managed by a Board of Directors that made decisions about strategic development and set the Foundation’s priorities. Dynasty had thirty programmes and projects aimed at supporting and popularizing science and developing formal and civic education. These included programmes that support gifted schoolchildren, future scientists, young physicists, mathematicians, biologists and teachers.

In 2015 the Russian government labelled the Dynasty Foundation a “foreign agent”, and the Board and the Zimin family made the difficult decision to wrap up the Foundation’s activities. Since then the Zimin Foundation has continued conducting the Zimin family’s philanthropic activities.

The web site of the Dynasty Foundation is not being updated. You can find the archive version of the site at the link below.


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