Long lists of Prosvetitel Awards are announced

On the first week of August, the long lists for the Dmitry Zimin Awards Prosvetitel and Prosvetitel.Perevod, as well as the long list for a special prize PolitProsvet has been announced.

Since its beginning in 2016 the Prosvetitel prize with the support of the Zimin Foundation has been awarded for the best non-fiction books in Russian, and the Prosvetitel.Perevod Award — for the best non-fiction books translated into Russian. Over 500 applications for all nominations were received during the season. Special Selection Committees have been working on them and under expert evaluation compiled three lists, 42 books in total.

The long list of Prosvetitel Award (in Russian): http://www.premiaprosvetitel.ru/news/view/?393

The long list of PolitProsvet Prize (in Russian): http://www.premiaprosvetitel.ru/news/view/?395

The long list of Prosvetitel.Perevod Award (in Russian): http://www.premiaprosvetitel.ru/news/view/?394

The finalists will be published by October 15 (21 books in total for all the Awards and the Prize), while awarding of laureates — as well as opening up their names — will take place on December 22, the day Dmitriy Zimin, founder of the Prosvetitel and Prosvetitel.Perevod Awards, died.

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